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Продукты окисления белков (AOPP), 340 нм, 96

AOPP Kit (advanced oxidation protein products)

The described Assay is intended for the quantitative determination of advanced oxidation protein products (AOPPs) in EDTA-plasma.

Increased oxidative stress has been implicated in a wide range of diseases. In haemodialysis patients, massive generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is induced during each dialysis session. Proteins are highly susceptible to oxidative stress damage, which could result in formation of AOPPs (advanced oxidation protein products) or AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts, non-enzymatically glycosylated proteins with irreversible chemical modifications). AOPP measurement is proposed to be a reliable marker forthe extent of protein oxidative damage in uremic patients. In addition, plasma AOOP determination may be useful for monitoring the effect of treatments with drugs reducing oxidative stress.

Производитель: Immundiagnostik
Страна: Германия